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A message from our Chairman

“When the Cemetery first opened, it was in a constant building [and] expanding process,” said Adkins. “At some point along the way in the 80’s things got out of hand. There wasn’t a lot of grass, and the landscape wasn’t being taken care of. Riverside County, through influence, became involved and the support committee was actually started by the Department of Veteran Services. We then evolved further to become our own organization.”
Atkins went on to explain that in the past, only 2% of veterans were receiving memorial detail, and through collaboration with more volunteers from other stand-alone organizations who became involved, a burial with respectable military honors was established and continues to carry-on.
“This is their final right,” said Adkins, “To have military honors for the family, but it not only says something to their family about what their loved one was about, but it is also for all of us who help and support that we know that this veteran is being taken care of.”
West Coast Thunder, another non-profit organization, came in the picture after witnessing a Memorial Day detail enacted by the Riverside National Support Committee and decided to support the Riverside National Cemetery as well by commemorating Memorial Day with a memorial day motorcycle ride with over 6,000 members of the organization supporting the cause to honor veterans. They have also donated funds to facilitate memorials on the cemetery along with honoring those who may not have families around to honor them.
Bill Chamberlain, President of West Coast Thunder, discussed why the cemetery needs more support from the community.
“For me, raising money to help the Riverside National Support Committee is an honor”, said Chamberlain, “because it’s necessary to help maintain the fountains and other landscape things that just wouldn’t be done and wouldn’t be so tranquil and beautiful to visit. But in my heart the most important things are that we help enter indigent veterans and homeless veterans that don’t have families that come out. Our money also goes out to have a flower, a flag and a decent burial for those homeless veterans and even veterans who have outlived family too. To me, that’s the most important part that the West Coast Thunder does for the cemetery”
The Riverside National Cemetery is one of the most active veteran memorial cemeteries in the United States. Community members can give back by donating funds to the cemetery, attending events to honor veterans and by visiting

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