Columbarium access is restricted during construction July 5 through 31

RIVERSIDE, CA – Construction is underway at Riverside National Cemetery to improve and increase the number of burial sites at Columbarium A. During the first phase of the project, visitor access to Columbarium A will be restricted. From July 5th to the end of August 2017, visitors to Columbarium A will not be able to enter while construction crews are working, because of safety and contractual liability. Cemetery personnel are available to place flowers for visitors inside the Columbarium Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., by calling the cemetery at 951-653-8417. After business hours please contact 951-710-4776. Additionally, the cemetery has established a visitors’ area close to the Columbarium where visitors may gather, to reflect and honor their family members and loved ones. 
“Safety of our families and visitors is our top priority,” said RNC Cemetery Director Peter Young. “We are working to minimize the impacts to our families and visitors during the expansion.”
The expansion will add more than 5,000 niches to Columbarium A and is scheduled to be complet
ed by July 2018.