Remembrance of Love Services

There are times when you are unable to make the trip to the Riverside National Cemetery to place a beautiful flower arrangement on your loved one’s resting place. For those who are unable to personally deliver flowers to their loved ones buried at Riverside National Cemetery due to distance, demanding time schedules or disabilities, the Remembrance Love service offered by the Riverside National Cemetery Support Committee (RNCSC) is there to help. 

Created and operated by the RNCSC, the Remembrance Love service is offered to assist the family and friends in honoring their loved one's memories by utilizing a service to ensure flowers are placed on a loved one's headstone on date(s) of their choosing.

With a small donation of $25, families and friends will be able to order an arrangement to be placed at a loved one’s gravesite. This service includes having the headstone trimmed with the placement of flowers and a small flag.

The inspiration for the project came to the RNCSC in 2003 when the mother of a Vietnam Veteran sent a $25 donation and letter to the RNCSC. The letter stated she was 91 years old and lived two hours away from the cemetery which made a difficult journey for her. She requested an American flag to be put on her son’s grave for his birthday. The RNCSC did as she requested along with a bouquet of flowers for her son.

The woman expressed her gratitude and thanked the RNCSC for giving her peace of mind knowing that her son was being taken care of. After being inspired by this event, the RNCSC came together and created the Remembrance Love project as a service to those who could not travel to the cemetery easily and would appreciate the service for their loved ones.

After the orders are taken and the flower arrangements are ordered, volunteers from the RNCSC will pick them up on Saturday’s and then personally deliver them to the designated graves at the Riverside National Cemetery.  A picture will be taken and sent to the family to show the arrangement that has been placed at the gravesite.

When ordering your flowers for your loved one you can, state a specific date or holiday you would like the flowers sent to the Riverside National Cemetery and how long you would like to utilize the service.  Volunteers will try their best to place the flowers on or nearest the date specified.